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         Antique and vintage religious icons used to create one of a kind bracelets and necklaces
         that promote a feeling of spiritual and bodily well-being. The inspiration for the collection
         was a visit with a sick friend living in New York post 9/11, and my own belief in saints,
         guardian angels and spirits. To me, Miracle Icons resonate with an evolved world view,
         an openness to possibilities beyond intellectual understanding and with a sense of spirit
         that transcends specific religious beliefs.

                                                                – Mary Jo Pane
                                                                   Founder, Designer

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sacred heart

ex voto definition

Since ancient times, requests for help from the gods and spirits have been accompanied by tokens
of gratitude and dedication. These votives often took the form of a symbol of the desired
result, placed at an altar or shrine as a sort of appreciation in advance for the intercession,
a symbol of hope or an expression of faith in the power of the request.

I have added an ex voto heart medalion to each bracelet and necklace because they represent
connection to any saint or deity – in fulfillment of a vow, in gratitude or in devotion.
They represent giving thanks or seeking grace.


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